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Stones and Their Uses

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  • General healing, dissolves unhealthy thoughts and reflects healing.
  • Induces meditation and devotional state. Develops inner mind. Tranquilizes and inspires peaceful dreaming. Helps with addictions and mental disorders, especially depressions.
  • A water stone for cooling and soothing agitations, infections and pain. Can help induce sleep.
  • A third eye opener. Stimulates visual images
Black Tourmaline:
  • Stone for controlling negative environment and negative energies. Forms shield of protection and deflects discordant or negative thoughts.
  • Powerful cleanser of blood and purifying organs. Discourages excess bleeding. Associated with Kundalini.
  • For congestion, either physical or mental. Used to encourage prosperity. Unblocks energy flow.
  • For balancing. Heart problems, whether physical or emotional. Hypertension and to help balance blood glucose.
  • Enhances ability to concentrate.
  • An energizer which is more gentle than ruby. For anemia, paralysis and cancer. Ancient Egyptians used this as a protective gem and symbol of loyalty, passion and love.
Green Tourmaline:
  • Balances and adds strength to nervous system. Regenerator, attunes to that which is most needed.
  • Dream stone, Helps promote out of body experiences. Helpful at childbirth.
  • Cleanses lens of third eye. Penetrates subconscious blocks.
  • Draws to the surface that which is impeding sprititual growth so that work may begin.
  • Represents the Goddess Energy and the feminine principal. Soothes and balances the emotions and brings peace of mind and hormonal equilibrium. For use with female problems.
  • Strengthens mental capacity. Facilitates higher knowing, opens mind. Protection and centering.
Smokey Quartz:
  • Grounds energy and dissolves negativity.
  • Elicits deep thought and calms overreaction by enabling one to think clearly.
  • Stimulates personal courage. Good for the "spaced out" person by grounding the energy. Protection.

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