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Ritual Of The Pentegram

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Meditation prior to: Picture yourself growing in stature - larger and larger until your head is in the clouds and your feet are on the surface of the earth. Visualize white light coming down.

Begin facing East with athame in the right hand. Do the Qabalistic Cross as follows:
                Touch your forehead and say:
                            ATEH  (AH-TOW)   (thou Art)

                Touch your breast and say:
                           MALKUTH  (MAL-KOOTH)  (the Kingdom)

                Touch your right shoulder and say:
                           VE-GEBORAH (VER GA BOOL RAH)  (and the Power)

                Touch your left shoulder and say:
                            VE-GEDULAH (VER GA DOO LAH)  (and the Glory)

                Clasp your hands before you and say:
                            LE-OLAM  (for ever)

                With athame between fingers point up and say:  AMEN

Make in the air toward the EAST the banishing invoking pentagram and bringing the point of the athame to the center of the pentagram vibrate the Deity name  - YOD HE VAU HE - imagining that your voice carries forward to the EAST of the Universe.

Holding the athame out before you go to the SOUTH, making the pentagram and vibrate similarly the Deity name - ADONAI.

Go to the WEST, making the pentagram and vibrate the Deity name - EHEIEH (AE HA YAH).

Go to the NORTH and make the pentagram and vibrate  - ATEH (AH TOW), GEBUR (GA BOOR), LEH-OLAHAM, ADONAI.

Return to the EAST and complete your circle by bringing the athame point to the center of the first pentagram.  Visualize the entire circle with the pentagram in a blue flame.

Place yourself in a pentagram position and say:
               Before me stands Raphael
                Behind me stands Gabriel
                At my right hand stands Michael
                At my left hand stands Auriel
                Before me flames the Pentagram
                Behind me shines the six rayed star

     Repeat the Qabalistic Cross above. 

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