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Full Moon Ritual
    After opening the circle and calling the watchtowers

    PRIESTESS stands with her legs apart and her arms up and out, stretching to the sky.

    PRIEST kneels before her.

    All the COVENERS also kneel. All raise their arms high.

    COVENER: When the Moon rides on high as She crosses the sky, And the stars on her gown trail behind, then we Wiccans below are with love all aglow, just to see Her so brightly enshrined.

    COVENER:On the night of the full moon as we sing of The Lady who watches above, we raise high our song as She glides by so strong, and we bask in the light of her love.

      ALL lower their arms.


      PRIEST rises and kisses PRIESTESS, then kneels again.
      PRIEST:  Lovely Lady, you have been known by so many names to so many people. Aphrodite, Kerridwen, Diana, Freya, Gana, Isis, and many more  have been  your names. Yet do we know you and love you as Aradia and in that name do we   adore you and worship you . With your Lord by your side, do we give your due  honor and invite you to join with us on this, your special night.

    PRIEST stands and with his athame draws a pentagram above the PRIESTESS'S head.
    COVENER rings the bell three times.

      PRIEST: Descend, my Lady, descend we pray thee and speak to us your children.


      PRIEST kneels again


      PRIESTESS spreads her arms out to her coven


      PRIESTESS: I am She who watches over thee, Mother of you all. Know that I rejoice that you do not forget me. To pay me homage at the full of the moon is meet and right and brings joy unto yourselves enen as it does to me. Know that, with my good Lord, I weave the skein of life for each and every one of you.I am at the beginning of life and at its end; The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone. Wherever you may be, if you seek me, know that I am always here, for I abide deep within you. Look, then, within yourself if you seek me. I am Life and I am Love. Find me and rejoice; for love is my music and laughter is my song. Be true to me and I will ever be true to you. Love is the law and love is the bond. So Mote It Be..


      PRIESTESS folds her arms across her breasts and closes her eyes. Then follows a moment or two of silence.


      PRIESTESS: So Mote It Be.


      (working is then done, watchtowers thanked and circle is closed)



      New Moon Ritual

      Priestess stands with head bowed and her arms across her breast. Coveners start to move deosil around the circle, chanting the name of the Goddess. They move around completely three times then stop.

      Priest stands before Priestess.

      Priest: Dark is the night as we reach this turning point. Here is a time of death; yet a time of birth

      Covener: Endings and beginnings

      Covener: Ebbing and flowing

      Covener: A journey done; a journey yet to start

      Covener: Let us honor now the Crone-Mother darksome and devine.

      Covener: Let us give of our strength and in return see rebirth.

      Priest: Behold, the lady of Darkness, Mother, Grandmother. Old yet ever young.

      Priestess slowly raises her head and spreads her arms outwards and upwards

      All kneel

      Priestess: Hear me! Honor me and love me now and always. As the wheel turns we see birth, death and rebirth. Know, from this, that every end is a beginning. Every stop a fresh starting point. Maiden, Mother, Crone. I am all of these and more. Whenever you have need of anything call upon me. I, and my Lord, are here, for I abide within you all. Even at the darkest of times, when there seems no single spark to warm you and the night seems blackest of all, I am here, watching and waiting to grow with you, in strength and in love. I am she who is at the beginning and the end of all time. So Mote It Be

      ALL: So Mote It Be

      Priestess folds her arms again. There is a moment or two of silence

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